Thursday, August 12, 2010

Why I will never move again...

Tuesday: Drive to Akron & back (2.5 hours each way) after work, with e5 tagging along.

Wednesday: Take strangers on a tour of our property. Their real estate agent sent them. I happened to see them so I gave them the grand tour (outside only). They say they'll schedule a showing on the weekend.

Thursday: Drive to Cincinnati & back (1:45 each way) for work.

Friday: Drive to NC (8.5 hours one way), with e5 tagging along

Saturday: Home inspection @ new house in NC

Sunday: Lori's stuck at home with the other two kids, cleaning the whole house for a showing. The people stay an hour past their showing time.

Meanwhile, me & e5 attempt to drive back from NC, but break down in West Virginia. We get towed 30 minutes in the wrong direction, back to Charleston WV for repairs. Only it's Sunday night, so NOTHING is open. Lori loads up the kids and drives 2.5 hours to retrieve us. We sit in the Hurricane WV McDonald's for 2 hours waiting for our ride. We all drive 2.5 hours back home, arriving at about 1:00am.

Monday: Drive back to Hurricane WV (5 hours round trip) after work to retrieve the truck.

Tuesday: Unload boxes and furniture from storage unit in the blazing 95F sun. Leave for several hours while the people who came on Sunday for a showing come back for another look. They asked for 2 hours this time. They stayed an hour late again. Pack up non-perishable food.

Wednesday: More unloading of storage unit. Laundry all day (and night).

Thursday (today): Take care of the last of the storage unit at dawn, when the heat index is only in the high 80's. Pack clothing. Retrieve broken mower from repair shop. (Since we're moving and they can't get the old one fixed, they just gave us a brand new one. Wow.) Load all books and lumber and other "heavy" items into the back of the truck.

Friday (tomorrow): Drive to Cinci and back (90 min. each way) one last time for my last day at the old job.

Saturday: Finish packing. Leave the house in "showable" condition. Drive to NC (8.5 hours) with both vehicles.

Sunday: Get set up at our friends' house for temporary housing / long visit.

Monday: Start new job. Get kids registered at new school. Showing scheduled at the old house in Ohio.

Late August: Movers go get our remaining furniture and possessions at the old house.

Early September (hopefully??): Move into new house.