Friday, June 22, 2007

Cool shower

In a rare moment of timely foresight, I spent my lunch hour yesterday setting up a new rainbarrel.


It was a nice light shower that lasted a solid two hours. It only amounted to about a quarter inch on the rain gauge, but I have a feeling it'll still make a nice difference. The slow, steady trickle of rain helped it soak in rather than just running off into the pond or off to the river.

Would I like three more days of that? Absolutely. But I'll take it.

It was doubly nice, because it was cool all day too. We've had the windows wide open. The breeze has been wafting through, bringing with it the giddy and gleeful songs of the local birds, and the happy sound of rain running down the downspouts.

It was very timely too, because our neighbor said his well was drawing sand yesterday. Now I think our well goes about 10-20 feet deeper than theirs, but still. A dry well would Not Be Good... At All...

Not much rain in the forecast, but then, it wasn't supposed to rain today either, so there you go...



At 6/23/2007 7:25 AM, Anonymous Kelly said...

Phew! And the cooler temps will help it not evaporate immediately. Nice barrel!


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