Thursday, September 03, 2009


After more than three years, and over 400 posts, the time has come for me to take a break from this blog. It's a tough decision for me, because I owe a lot to this little corner of cyberspace, but for a variety of reasons, it's time to step back, re-prioritize, re-energize, and get some things done.

Part of the problem is just burnout. I used to be anxious to write about all kinds of ideas and projects and topics and stories. I used to be able to write and write and write, and enjoy it all.

Now I write just to put some words up here, which just isn't the same.

Another part of it is that after doing several tech-free weekend days, I discovered just how many hours were being lost into the computer. It turns out that a lot of times, those hours can be better spent. Not that I think my time here is wasted. I just need to shift the balance the other way for a while.

There are other reasons for me to walk away for a bit, but I'll spare you the mundane details. After a while, I expect I'll be back, with some good stories under my belt, and some fresh motivation to share them. And I'll still keep an eye on many of your blogs. I rarely comment, unless I feel like I have something significant to say, but I'll be reading.

I've learned a lot from all of you, and I've enjoyed sharing ideas and encouragement and constructive criticism and frivolities. I've made some good friends, and as weird as it may sound, I think this blog not only motivated me, but put me on a positive trajectory that I might never have been on otherwise.

So thanks for hanging out with me. We'll have to do it again sometime.




At 9/03/2009 9:07 PM, Blogger Dana said...

OK - I'm officially sad. But I understand. Hope to see you December with your newest family member!

At 9/03/2009 10:42 PM, Blogger d.a. said...

Taking a break is a good thing. We'll be here when you get back :-). Enjoy!

At 9/03/2009 11:19 PM, OpenID daisyfae said...

i've learned much from your blog, and it has inspired me to make gentle changes in my life. baby steps for a spoiled city girl, but i do understand...

so glad our mutual friend, ms. dana, turned me onto your writing. if you ever get up this way, please let her know, and i'd be delighted to buy some eggs...

and it is WICKED cool that you have a cow...

At 9/04/2009 8:59 AM, Blogger Annette said...

Well, I will miss you;however, totally understand.

We will be here if/when you decide to come back. =) Enjoy life!

At 9/04/2009 9:37 AM, Blogger Wendy said...

I will miss your commentary, but I hope this means you're considering the move to that wonderful, little community you described the other day.

Oh, and I should tell you that one of the first posts I read of yours was about how the addition of charcoal to soil increases fertility. We've, kind of, been experimenting with that, and I don't know for certain, but I'm pretty convinced that our amazing potato harvest this year (and the monster one-pound potato we harvested!) is due to us adding charcoal to the bed over the years :). So, your legacy lives on in my garden ;).

Thank you.

At 10/21/2009 6:27 AM, Blogger JBTW said...

Now that I can finally see your blog again (it said I was not allowed for quite some time)... :)

I hope your break from blogging allows you to whole heartedly enjoy all the other things going on in your life!


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