Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To sleep, perchance to dream

Ay, there's the rub!



At 1/19/2007 11:50 AM, Blogger network weasel said...

Wow, you have a child sleeping on your head. Very impressive.

At 1/19/2007 12:00 PM, Blogger network weasel said...

Ok, that came out sounding like I am being sarcastic. That was not my intent in the slightest. The pictures are great and I am in fact very impressed by anyone that can have a child asleep on the head.
*smiles from the land of sick people with really wacky problems at work*

At 1/19/2007 2:25 PM, Blogger e4 said...

Nah, I didn't take it that way. It actually made me laugh.

At 1/20/2007 8:14 PM, Blogger Morgan said...

yet she doesn't sleep at night

At 1/20/2007 9:41 PM, Blogger Suzer said...

That one was my favorite too!

At 1/21/2007 1:02 PM, Blogger JBTW said...

I too am most impressed by the balancing act on your part. (I would think your neck muscles would tire quickly.)

Hopefully you'll get to experience some nighttime sleeping as well. (Not on your head though, in bed!)


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