Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sell it baby

So our new real estate agent came by to do the necessary paperwork and to get some pictures. The first thing that tipped me off that she was my kind of agent was that she was trying really hard to come over on a sunny day, so the pictures would be better. (Nothing worse than a gloomy, overcast photo of the six-figure asset you're trying to sell.)

Anyway, we had a string of rainy days in a row, so I told her to just come on over, take the pictures, and then I'd email her some better ones as soon as the sun came out.

Being the photographer wanna-be that I am, I knew that the best light for photography is either the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset -- the golden hour. Since the front of our house faces East(-ish), I needed to be up early to take advantage of it. I wasn't up quite as early as I wanted, but early enough to get some great pictures anyway.

I should mention that I am not a lawn nut. I am the opposite of a lawn nut in fact. I like weeds and ground-nesting birds and butterflies and so on. Plus the more you mow, the less you can make into hay. I lived here for over four years without a riding mower. But for selling purposes, image is everything, so I mowed it as pretty as I could.

When we had this house built, the builder had this lovely "artist's conception" of the finished product. Here's what it looked like:

I wasn't consciously trying to mimic that image, but I think I actually managed to go one better than the artist's conception... 'cause mine's real:

Go on, click on it. Make it bigger. I'm almost sure that's the prettiest it's ever looked.

And here are a couple more shots I got wandering around on that lovely spring morning...

Oh, and just for comparison, here is the picture from our old agent. It's not terrible, but still... big difference.




At 5/16/2010 10:41 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Good luck selling! It does look great.

At 5/17/2010 4:16 AM, Blogger knutty knitter said...

I see what you mean - not exactly flattering!

The new photos are far superior so good luck :)

viv in nz

At 5/17/2010 6:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great pics! i'm putting my old home on the market (has been a rental 2 years) and may make the early morning photo run myself. i'm sure my agent is clueless...

good luck!

At 5/18/2010 6:07 PM, Blogger barefoot gardener said...

Now I wanna buy your place! Crud! The Mr. is NEVER gonna agree to buying another house and moving out of MN.... *sigh*

At 5/18/2010 6:10 PM, Blogger e4 said...

Well Barefoot - We can sweeten the pot. We'll throw in a cow, a tractor, appliances... hell, you can have our furniture if you want! :)

At 6/03/2010 9:13 PM, Blogger Owlfarmer said...

If only I could think of a reason to sell my place and move to Ohio . . . Good luck with this; the place looks lovely.

At 8/14/2010 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Hugeness, Batman!! No wonder you want out of there. That thing is enormous. Bet the payments are, too. (((Yikes!!)))



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