Saturday, July 07, 2007

One Local Summer - Week of 7/1/2007

Slipping in under the wire....

Beef & Summer Squash with Basil
(Recipe modified from Recipezaar's Italian Beef & Zucchini Dinner)
Beef cubed steaks from Buckskin Valley Farms, Greenfield, Ohio (36 mi.)
Greek basil from our herb garden (0 mi.)
Summer squash and tomatoes from our garden (0 mi.), supplemented by a tomato from the Chillicothe farm market; again, I forgot to ask the vendor, but I'm going to assume it came from Ross County* (20-30 mi.)
Salt, pepper, garlic, and olive oil - not local

Boiled New Potatoes with Parsley
Red potatoes from Jones Farm, Chillicothe, Ohio (20 mi.)
Parsley from our herb garden (0 mi.)
Salt, pepper, butter** - not local

The steaks were rather chewy, although the flavor was pretty good. We still have another package of these and I'm hoping we'll find some local flour (or a flour substitute? Any ideas?) to make them into country fried steak. The summer squash and tomatoes, cooked in olive oil with garlic and fresh basil, were very good - I'm sure we'll use that combination again. The potatoes were simple and tasty.

* This is not a terribly shaky assumption, as we've found out that the rules for the Chillicothe farm market are that at least 51% of a vendor's produce must be grown by them, and all the produce must be from the area.

** I did attempt to find local butter, with dubious success. At the Clintonville Community Market I found "Amish Gourmet" butter which purported to be from a dairy in Minerva, Ohio (168 mi.); however, upon closer examination, the words "distributed by" make me suspect it doesn't actually come from there. I could be wrong. I forgot to use it tonight, anyway....

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At 7/08/2007 5:38 PM, Blogger maggie said...

I swear I can no longer eat potatoes that I do not grow. Well, I do, but I don't enjoy it! :)
It all looks yummy.

At 7/09/2007 1:56 PM, Blogger e4 said...

I went to a different farmer's market last weekend. Aaagh! No apple cider for me! Actually, there was no fruit or honey at all by 9:30, and the cauliflower and broccoli I bought had to be composted. Back to our old standby next time!

But the meal above was good. And thanks to Lori for the cooking & the posting.

I sense a string of squash-based meals in our future.

At 7/10/2007 3:49 PM, Blogger Beo said...

The great thing about local is that you get better nutrition and much better taste while suppoting our future. I applaud your efforts!

I just finished picking 1/3 of our potatoe bed and have a half grocery bag of taters to show for it (about 16#. There are two reasons that I am in now love with growing potatoes. First the taste difference is unreal-our Purple Vikings from Seeds Savers are exquisite. Second-harvesting them is as addicting as scratch off lottery cards (though with better average returns)-each plant is a gamble: "will this one have 4# worth like the last one?!"

I hear you on the squash-we have 3 zucchini plants this year (thought one was a cucumber since it was labeled that way) which is 2 too many. Cupcakes, breads, frying, baking, and yes composting are in their future!

At 7/30/2007 7:52 AM, Blogger Columbus Foodie said...

You can find local butter at the Anderson's Market in Dublin - I think it was either there or Hill's Market that I found Hartzler's butter.


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