Monday, March 10, 2008

A flurry of posts, part II

Well, it may or may not have qualified as a blizzard, depending on your definition. But it did snow quite a lot, and got very cold and windy. I don't even know how much snow accumulation there was, because it was drifted all over. Some places it didn't even cover the grass and other places it was knee deep. 48 hours before these photos were taken, we had no snow at all.

You can see the snow blowing. You can't see the bottom half of that shelter.
I was glad there weren't goats to be fed out there right now...

Remember those salvaged greenhouse materials?
Remember that truck cap doubling as a chicken fort?
Yeah, all that stuff is under there.

Too bad the sparklies don't come through in the photo.


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At 3/16/2008 6:30 AM, Blogger The Barber Bunch said...

Just surfin' the blogs and stopped by for a visit. Just wanted to say Hi!

Wasn't the great Blizzard of 2008 something. I have some pics posted on my blog too.



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