Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Seeing into the future....

We live at the corner of two rural roads. They are not very busy, but they are right on the way to our local polling place.

So last night I was out removing campaign signs from the corner of our property. Again. I've got quite a collection of them now. There are several reason why I don't want these signs, including a basic agreement with Scott Adams that campaign signs are lame.

Now it so happens that all of the signs on our corner so far have been in support of Republican candidates. If you read this blog, you can probably guess my political affiliations, such as they are, but this isn't about partisan political bullshit. This is about people leaving their garbage in my yard.

So I called the county Republican headquarters to complain. The old man, er "gentleman" as he tried to insist, disavowed any responsibility by the party or its volunteers - anybody can go get signs - and then, without knowing anything more about me, proceeded to suggest that I was un-American for not wanting this fine Republican spam on my property. When I explained that I'd do the same if it were Democrats, he all but called me a coward for not standing up for something. He blathered on about "that Socialist," and what's wrong with this country, and how at 83 years old, he knew a lot more about the world than me. Apparently in all those 83 years he still hasn't learned his way out of being a rude, inconsiderate, unprofessional, disrespectful, condescending, selfish, petty, close-minded asshat.

But whatever. Rant over.

More signs this morning. They've been replaced by a new one that just says "PRIVATE PROPERTY - ALL CAMPAIGN SIGNS WILL BE REMOVED."

Anyway, it's ok, because I already know who wins the election. And if those school kids are wrong, I'll reference the Dilbert guy again and plan for The End of the Republic. Come to think of it, we might be halfway there already.

If you're feeling pissed off on my behalf, take a deep breath and go read this to have your faith in humanity fully restored.




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