Monday, August 27, 2007

One Local Summer - Week of 8/19/2007

Despite our huge haul at the Farmer's Market - the chaos at our house has continued, in the form of chicken pox, goat sales, medical bills, car repairs, preschool orientation - but I digress. Despite the huge haul, we've had trouble putting it all together into a coherent meal for One Local Summer. So we weren't as local or as timely as we might have been.

Tonight's dinner was bratwurst and grilled vegetables over (local!) charcoal in the R2BQ.

Bratwurst (VanMeter Farm - 57 miles)
Zucchini (Ross county, 20 miles)
Bell peppers (Ross county, 20 miles)
Onions (Ross county, 20 miles)
Delicata squash (The garden, 0 miles)
Beer (Eliot Ness Amber Lager, Great Lakes Brewing, 169 miles)
Non-local ingredients: Buns, mustard, oil, thyme, cheap beer for simmering

If we were cooler, we'd have baked some buns, I'd have remembered that there actually was thyme in the herb garden, and I would have tracked down one of my favorite beers (and local to boot) from Columbus Brewing Company. (I can't seem to find Columbus Pale Ale in the neighborhood establishments). I would have also grilled those veggies for a bit longer. Some of them were still crisper than I would have preferred.

Even so, it was a good meal. The Delicata squash that I kept hearing about was quite good. Probably my favorite winter squash so far. The brats were as tasty as expected. And the beer was excellent as well.

Not bad for another time-crunched dinner window.

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At 8/29/2007 9:24 PM, Blogger Wendy said...

Beer and Brat - yum!

At 8/31/2007 8:51 PM, Blogger maggie said...

Thats pretty good for off the cuff.

At 9/02/2007 9:18 PM, Blogger maggie said...

mmm brats and beer. I'm having a midwestern flashback here!


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