Friday, March 14, 2008


Care to guess what this is a graph of?

The stock market? The US Dollar? Property values? New petroleum discoveries? My retirement plan?

Nope, this represents the likelihood of our baby being born at home. It's pretty much zero now. C-Section futures are way up.

Actually I just stole this graph from the web somewhere, and I have no idea what it actually represents. But it illustrates morale here fairly well.

Despite days of bed rest for her and household double-overtime for me, Lori's blood pressure is frustratingly drifting upward after an initial drop. Her swelling is way down (well except that belly... ouch! hey!), and her battery of tests all came back clear, but just on blood pressure alone, the redline is getting close.

As recently as this afternoon, we thought our odds were improving. But alas...

At some point I may get into why we've put a lot of importance on this, but not right now. I'm tired, and priorities are elsewhere. And circumstances are making it somewhat irrelevant.

In attempt to keep everything in perspective, I'll say that Lori's still feeling fine physically, and the baby is at full term, quite active, and by all indications, healthy.

And we may be meeting him very soon, which does help put this whole thing in perspective.


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At 3/15/2008 8:37 AM, Blogger Lisa said...

Man, I am so sorry that your plans are not working out for a home birth! I know how frustrating that must be.

I never planned on home births, but after a high risk first birth, I was hoping to use the hospital's nice homey birthing center for the second. Not to be, which was most upsetting because I was the only patient there that night! But, a healthy delivery was the most important part, so I got over it!

Here's to a healthy baby and safe delivery, however it may happen!

At 3/17/2008 10:16 AM, Blogger gtr said...

Best wishes! Keep us updated via blog... You can still do hypnobirthing things at the hospital, yes? And midwife or doula to help "set the scene" and keep medical interventions to a minimum if that's what you want, eh? Good luck!

At 3/17/2008 4:31 PM, Blogger jewishfarmer said...

Edson, I'm praying for an easy birth and a good deal of pleasure in welcoming your new son. Try and remember that his birth will be, in the long term, the smallest thing about him.

I say this as a woman who was in full-blown, heavy contraction labor with a baby whose head would not engage for *11* freakin' days with my last one. This was not the birth I wanted. And yet, it was just the right baby.

Hoping for good news soon!



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