Thursday, April 13, 2006

Food goes in you belly button.

My son has this funny stubborn streak. Well, it's not always funny. But it's funny when it comes to language.

He has amazing language skills for someone who hasn't even turned three yet. He constantly surprises me. But sometimes he gets the wrong idea about the meaning of a word, and he cannot be convinced that his definition isn't widely accepted. Many months ago, he twisted his ankle a little bit. Somehow, he thought that "ankle" meant something that hurt - a sprain, a boo-boo, any type of injury. He'd fall and hurt himself, and he'd say, "I have an ankle." I'm not sure that we've ever really cleared that up.

Last night I had a fifteen minute debate with him about whether your belly button was the little dot where the umbilical cord used to be attached, or the entire front of your torso. He assured me that "all of this is your belly button." I tried to make my case, but I think he ended up winning.

Gosh, I hope he doesn't grow up to be an attorney.


At 4/14/2006 6:35 AM, Blogger Morgan said...

my guess is you are in for it.

At 4/14/2006 11:46 PM, Blogger Mia said...

What a wonderful picture. They can be convincing, can't they? All too often I realize that logic or prior knowledge/facts has no bearing on a conversation with my toddler! We have so much to learn...


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