Wednesday, November 22, 2006

All blogged out

I have had too many things going to spend much time writing here lately. I've got some thoughts rolling around, but no time to write them donw. We've got a fairly busy holiday weekend coming up, and I'm guessing many others do to, so I'm taking a little break.

If you just can't do without some sustainable-eco-homesteady reading material, check out Beo's great series:
Eco-Vegetarianism: No Free Lunch
Eco-Vegetarianism: Part II
Eco-Vegetarianism: Part III - Grass Farming
Eco-Vegetarianism: Part IV - To Veg or Not to Veg

I was working on a post that would have been very similar in nature to these, but he covers it better than I would have.

Meanwhile, for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving this time of year, have a good one. See you in a few days.



At 11/22/2006 8:55 PM, Blogger Beo said...

Thanks for the plug!

Happy Thanksgiving E4 and Family!


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